We provide policymakers and practitioners with fact-based research and analysis to help them address critical issues in social policy and education.

Lessons from MDRC’s work with programs, featuring posts on recruiting participants and keeping them engaged, supporting provider teams, using data for program improvement, and providing services remotely.

As high schools, community colleges, policymakers, and families try to prepare our children for a rapidly changing future, we provide them with forward-looking perspectives from education and workforce leaders on the power and potential of CTE.
The College Completion Strategy Guide—a collaboration among MDRC, the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association, The Education Trust, and The Institute for College Access and Success—provides clear policy guidance and summarizes the research on strategies to increase college completion. With this strategy guide, state and system policymakers can advance meaningful change in higher education with evidence-based policy.
Researchers and funders often want to know not just whether a social program works, but how and why—the terrain of implementation research. Read lessons from past program evaluations and insights from ongoing studies that can improve research approaches.

MDRC is well known as a leader in advancing rigorous research methods in program improvement and evaluation and in sharing what we learn with the field. The Reflections on Methodology blog, edited by MDRC Chief Economist Charles Michalopoulos, presents posts by MDRC researchers and colleagues on the refinement and practical use of cutting-edge research methods being employed across our organization.

In response to this unprecedented crisis, MDRC is gathering lessons from research and from the experience of its partners to share with practitioners and policymakers as they navigate today’s challenging environment and plan for the future.