Stanley Dai
Stanley Dai
Research Analyst
Postsecondary Education

Stanley Dai is a technical research analyst in MDRC’s Postsecondary Education policy area, with a focus on evaluations of programs that provide comprehensive supports to low-income students. Previous projects include THE-RCT, Text Ed, the evaluation of Detroit Promise Path, and the Multiple Measures Assessment project. Dai currently serves as both the data manager and operations lead on Part-Time SAIL, an evaluation aimed at part-time community college students to increase their graduation rates, and ASAP-Westchester, an evaluation that attempts to replicate the findings of the City University of New York’s Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) at Westchester Community College. Dai also provides technical assistance on management information systems to colleges as a part of the SUCCESS project, as well as monitors data management best practices for all on-going projects within MDRC’s Postsecondary Education policy area. Dai holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Georgetown University.



Implementation Findings


Promising Interim Findings from the Viking ROADS Randomized Controlled Trial